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The treatment options are endless, let us walk you through the process with care and compassion. Boston Treatment Center In Boston, MA, Boston Treatment Center focuses on the treatment of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Providing Hospital inpatient, they offer Detoxification, Methadone detoxification. Boston Treatment Center also has Spanish, Services for the deaf and hard of hearing available. Boston Treatment Center does not have payment assistance available. Victory Homes International has over 300 live-in recovery homes in the U.S. and around the world.

victory house sober living

The treatment is exclusively based on Christian values, and the clients participate in a number of Bible study and prayer meetings daily, and work on the campus taking care of the grounds, housekeeping or cooking. Much of the program also requires the clients to hold each other accountable. In Victory Home there are no waiting lists and walk-ins are welcome. Drug addicts, alcoholics, troubled youth,or anyone struggling with life’s troubles all are re-parented and given a sense of what it means to participate in a functional family. Man this place, before I went here I was in PA with another center for over 6 months and it didn’t come close.

We Live Recovery Our Story Reflects Our Commitment To Help Others Live A Full Life In Recovery Too

When individuals and their families have access to safe, stable housing and a place to sleep at night they are much more likely to address other pressing issues like their health and the health of their families. The Victory Programs team is committed to providing housing stabilization services that will help move people who are homeless into permanent housing quickly, and with as few barriers as possible. We have carefully sorted the 682 drug rehab centers in massachusetts. Filter your search for a treatment program or facility with specific categories. You may also find a resource using our addiction treatment search. For additional information on massachusetts drug rehab please phone our toll free helpline.

victory house sober living

Engaging those outside of care, including at street-level, on universal precautions while continuing outreach aimed at mitigating other epidemics amidst this outbreak. Our clients share their experiences with Victory Programs in this moving video. Victory Programs’ Graduate Misty Bergeron recounts her slow, painful journey through recovery, the struggle to connect with help, and the joy of reunification with her children. From towels to toys, from blankets to body wash, your donations of much-needed items free up resources and provide goods that might otherwise be unaffordable. “My name is Stephen, and for the last fourteen years I have dedicated myself to helping others who, like me, live with HIV.

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The purpose of the Victory Outreach Pueblo Home is to reclaim, redeem, and restore lives that have been consumed by drugs, alcohol, and or other vices. The message is simple; Jesus can change and transform any life no matter the condition or the addiction. Scriptures are used as the foundation to bring a message of deliverance. Once the message is heard and received, addicts are taken off the streets or in some cases out of prison and given an opportunity to live in the Home . The people who direct the Homes know it’s not an easy road yet through tough love, compassion, and support they have been able to see tremendous results.

Boston Public Health Commission also provides Spanish. From the very beginning, Victory Programs has focused on the pressing needs of the most vulnerable men and women who are coping with mental health or substance use disorders, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and other chronic conditions. Victory House, in Boston’s South End, provides residential treatment programs for men dealing with substance use disorders. Our 4 to 8 month program can accommodate up to 24 residents and has a long history of providing treatment to individuals. A welcoming environment for men of all cultures, Victory House is also a long-time leader in providing substance use disorder treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS.

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The grounds are filled with thick, green shrubbery and tall trees, making the facility a private getaway for effective treatment. There are usually between 30 and 40 clients in the program at once, and they sleep in a dorm-style setting with bedrooms that fit three or more clients in each. The dorm area has a large, shared bathroom with showers that the clients use, and there are also various bathrooms throughout the rest of the facility.

  • Our Homes are not government funded and rely solely on the immediate community for our sole financial support.
  • Its purpose is to equip men with long term and sustainable recovery solutions.
  • She continues to teach him lifelong coping skills that will enable him to deal with his anxiety without using drugs to escape.
  • I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone seeking help.
  • I came here as a scared little girl extremely broken just looking to “clean up”.

I honestly can’t even put into words the gratitude I have for VRC and all the staff there. I came here as a scared little girl extremely broken just looking to “clean up”. Not only did the nursing staff help me comfortably manage my meds, but I also received 1 on 1 and group therapy sessions from some of the most caring clinicians I have ever met, especially Amanda. Never once did I feel that the staff was not completely genuine in wanting to help me find my way in recovery. Your Admissions Coordinator updates you on your acceptance into our program and on your individualized care plan given the reviewed clinical and financial information you’ve provided. These homes are designed to instill within people a a sense of belonging. We believe that to be effective we have to get to the heart of the problem.

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They truly want to help all their clients with their recovery and to live a productive life. This place was a game changer, not only for our child, but for our whole family. There really is no place like victory bay recovery and sober living homes. Boston Public Health Commission Boston, MA’s Boston Public Health Commission is a what is a recovery residence Outpatient treatment center with a principle focus on a Substance Abuse Treatment Services. They service patients who need Substance abuse treatment. Special programs and groups are available which serve Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, Adult women, Residential beds for clients children, Adult men.

victory house sober living

The owner Justin and Manager Bob provide a welcoming and safe environment for anyone seeking… Our IOP and OP programs include individual counseling, group therapy, co-occurring disorders and support needed to maintain sobriety while meeting commitments to work, education, and family. Guests will review his progress with the Community and House Manager on a weekly basis by way of the weekly guests review sheet. Before returning to Independent Living, level 3 guest will present and share their life Story with the Community during the weekly in-house meeting. Must develop goals for achieving a healthy, meaningful, and Recovery-Oriented lifestyle, along with continued weekly meetings with CRS or second option, and communication with sponsor. Please contact your insurance company to see if this service and provider are covered by your plan. For more information about navigating the health insurance system, please visit the insurance section of Network of Care MA.

Other Major Insurance Carriers Accepted

I felt welcomed and accepted here at Victory House. This program relies on faith based methods and a peer accountability factor between the men who are participating. This is also an ample opportunity effects of alcohol for each of the men to be a positive role model for the clients currently in the first phase of the program. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to find solace in a terrible time in my life.

Your Admissions Coordinator processes your clinical and resource-related information with our Clinical Team to determine the best course of treatment for your individualized needs. Our Homes are not government funded and rely solely on the immediate community for our sole financial support. Victory Outreach has been operating the “Homes” for over forty years. We seek to meet the person’s needs spiritually, and our goal is family first.

Pushing you towards your own success, they can’t force you of course but they fight to help keep you fighting this nightmare of addiction. Our program includes intensive rebuilding of what was often destroyed in a person’s life.

victory house sober living

By combining certain medications with traditional interventions, our experts can create a program that helps individuals achieve sobriety. Learn more about the MAT options we offer at Victory Bay. Our professional healthcare team’s passion is to help you achieve the long-term full life in Recovery that many of us have achieved ourselves. Our Admissions Coordinator then inquires with targeted questions to assess your struggle, treatment needs, and financial/insurance resources.

A permanent supportive housing and stabilization program in Cambridge for 7 women living with HIV/AIDS. An emergency family shelter in Dorchester for 14 homeless women who are pregnant or living with children which provides stabilization services. A permanent supportive housing program in Mattapan for 2 families whose head-of-household is living with HIV/AIDS.

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