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Step 1: Book

Book online or call Newcastle Pest and Building Inspection Services to arrange an appointment at one of our convenient times.

We service all of the Newcastle area, Maitland, Raymond Terrace, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and all surrounding suburbs of Lake Macquarie

Step 2: Confirm

We contact the estate agent on your behalf to confirm the appointment time, and arrange access to the property.

You will then be notified of the confirmed time.

If you are available, we do encourage all our clients to come to the last 15 min of our inspection. We can go through our findings from the inspection to make it sure you are 100% comfortable with your purchase.

Step 3: Inspect

We will conduct an all inclusive property inspection, examining all the hard-to-access areas, and prepare the findings within your report.

Report includes photos and findings of the internal areas, external areas, roof cavity, roof coverings, subfloor (under floor), with particular detail covering any areas of concern.

Step 4: Report

We’ll send you a detailed report on the same day as the inspection via email. If you weren’t able to make the inspection we are available for you to call us so we can explain the report.

Your report includes photos of the internal areas, external areas, roof cavity, roof coverings, subfloor (under floor), with particular detail covering any areas of concern.


Not all inspections are equal. A cheaper priced inspection could mean an inferior quality report because of a rushed inspection. Certified Pest and Building Inspections are 60+ pages which is full of colour photos. Is it worth taking a risk with possibly the biggest purchase in your life?

  • $395
  • Building and Pest + thermal camera insp.
  • $250
  • Building inspection only
  • $200
  • Pest Inspection Only
  • $495
  • Building and Pest + thermal camera insp.
  • $300
  • Building inspection only
  • $250
  • Pest Inspection Only
  • $550
  • Building and Pest + thermal camera insp.
  • $400
  • Building inspection only
  • $300
  • Pest Inspection Only


A pre purchase termite and timber pest inspection will uncover problems before you purchase, so you don’t have to discover them the expensive way. Our inspector has helped a large number of prospective home buyers avoid making a costly mistake when buying, building or performing maintenance on a house.

We can help ensure you are fully aware of the property’s structural integrity, and you can negotiate price based on the cost of any necessary repairs.

Pest and Building Inspection -

Four reasons for an inspection:

Pest and Building Inspection -


Knowing what you are buying and any potential unforeseen costs that could arise, may affect your decision to purchase.

Pest and Building Inspection -


A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report will highlight any problems with the property and suggest referral to a building/engineering specialist which, without the report, you may not have considered.

Pest and Building Inspection -


A compliant and complete Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report may help price negotiations. Building Inspection Reports – and Pest Inspection Reports – assist in understanding any potential unforeseen costs involved in your prospective property.

Pest and Building Inspection -


When considering different options, a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection on a property may determine if any issues with the property can be incorporated or addressed during renovations.


Our state of the art thermal imaging services are available from the Hunter Valley through to the Central Coast, including Newcastle, Maitland and Port Stephens.

Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive method for detecting thermal signatures and providing information about buildings and the potential problems of building materials before they fail. We can provide you with a comprehensive thermal building inspection report.

Certified Pest & Building Inspection Services are one of the leading providers of thermal imaging inspections and reports in Newcastle and surrounds.

Many inspectors have purchased basic equipment and have no training in the use of thermal cameras. Interpreting thermal images isn’t as easy as you think as you need to understand the camera as well as the surface and composition of the subject and the heat levels of the local environment. This is a multifaceted process that requires training. We use high end equipment and carry the qualifications to be able to make informed decisions of what we see.

Pest and Building Inspection -


I am a property lawyer and always refer all of my clients to Laurence. My clients are always so thankful for putting them in touch with Laurence. Laurence is extremely prompt, his reports are very comprehensive, he is always available to discuss his reports over the phone and he is very well priced. I have also personally used Laurence so I can personally say how fantastic he is. Thanks so much Laurence for all you do for my clients.

Alicia Floyer

April 2018

No wonder why Lawrence has such a high rating! I hired him for a property inspection. He carried out work on the second day and provided a very thorough report the same night even before sending us the invoice (thank you for the trust?). He was also very quick replying the questions we had. Out of the several building inspections we had previous this time is definitely the most satisfied experience.

Yanxuan Li

June 2018

Laurence was fantastic. He made it easy to arrange an inspection and very detailed. And I must say the fact he completed the inspection in the morning then came back after I got home from work to walk me through all the areas that need work, makes me think he really cares about his work. Highly recommend before you purchase!

Amber M

Feb 2018


We look for all defects, major and minor within the building from structural issues, rising damp, leaks, drainage issues and safety hazards. Roof exteriors, Roof void, External walls and cladding, interior linings, External areas of property including sheds and out buildings.

We are licensed Pest and Building Inspectors who continually undertake training in the latest building technologies and legal requirements. We have many years experience in building restoration work. We are covered for any issues with $5 Million public liability and $1 Million professional indemnity insurance we also believe our building and pest inspections are the most comprehensive and detailed that you will find in New South Wales, and our prices are very competitive and we offer full telephone support should you ever have any questions.

If the property is for sale by negotiation an inspection should be done as soon as possible, traditionally this is done during the cooling off period after an offer has been accepted. A clause is placed with the offer pending a Pest and Building Inspection. If the property is going to auction then the building inspection should be carried out as soon as possible. Once you have contacted us we can make all the necessary arrangements with the agent.

Your report will be emailed to you the same day of the inspection, if you need the report posted in hard copy or receiving the report is time sensitive due to cool off period etc, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate these requests.

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