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Floortex Industries Pty Ltd Specialising in a range of concrete resurfacing options from Epoxy flake floors, solid and metallic epoxy colours, micro cement topping and polished concrete 0407296217   Partlic Painting Pty Ltd Partlic Painting is the premiere painting specialist in the Manning Valley area 0429207332  


Asbestos is a dangerous man made product that has fibres than can kill, so there is only one thing I can suggest and that is don’t touch it or remove it yourself. Until it’s broken, cut, drilled, sawn it is perfectly safe, but it is the fibres inside the asbestos that are the killers and working […]

Smoke Detectors

You are required by law to have a smoke detector in your house, which is one of those laws nobody could argue with. Not only could it save your house but it could also save your life.

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