Smoke Detectors

smoke-detectorYou are required by law to have a smoke detector in your house, which is one of those laws nobody could argue with. Not only could it save your house but it could also save your life.

It makes sense to have an early warning device in your biggest investment.

But smoke detectors are only affective if they work which means regular checking and battery replacement.

Certified Pest and Building Inspection Services recommend getting into the habit of testing them once a month. Simply press the test button and wait a couple of seconds for an alarm to sound. If it sounds its working fine, If no sound is heard it needs to be replaced. If the unit is over ten years old, replace it anyway. They are not guaranteed after ten years.

At a minimum we recommend checking the smoke alarm every time you change your clocks for day light saving. Don’t just think of your own home, If you have investment properties it is the owners responsibility to make sure there is a working smoke alarm in the property. If you can’t rely on yourself to keep your smoke alarm in working order, there is companies who provide a routine check for smoke alarms for a small fee. This could be the difference in saving your life and your property.

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